Landco, L.P. is a multi-disciplinary company established to provide ALTA SURVEYS and other real estate services to fulfill your real estate transaction requirements for both individual and multi-site locations nationally. Through our versatility and professionalism, we strive to meet your individual needs while offering a smooth flow from inception of order to the final product. We give you the advantage of having a dedicated team of experts who provide consistant quality services per your specifications regardless of your project's location.

Landco's single-point contact offers you a substantial advantage over traditional real estate transactions by eliminating the delays, misunderstandings, and tedious, repetitious tasks that so often accompany the process when using multiple vendors. Additionally, our professional staff recognizes and addresses issues early that impact investors, buyers, sellers, lenders and title companies. Once a concern is identified, Landco notifies you immediately so that we can help you resolve issues quickly and within your timeframe.

We understand that both price and delivery dates are important factors in the real estate industry. To help accommodate these needs, Landco researches each project thoroughly before submitting in writing a not-to-exceed quote with both the cost and turnaround time based on the information provided.