What You Gain

  1. Elimination of time-consuming tasks: Our established nationwide network eliminates the repetitious effort that you expend locating, screening and selecting vendors for each new project. Landco gives you the luxury of ordering all of your services through one contact.
  2. Reduction in duplicate tasks: Since all contact with the vendors goes through our office, we make sure each vendor is contacted whenever new information concerning your project becomes available. When items such as title documentation are delivered, we ensure that the necessary information for each job is distributed to the vendor(s). Also, if you have any questions, you simply place one call to satisfy all of your needs.
  3. Elimination of undetermined fees: To alleviate your concerns, Landco provides a written fee quotation for both price and turnaround based on your specifications.
  4. Monitoring each job's progress: Landco continually monitors your job's progress to insure that the items ordered are delivered on schedule and meet your requirements.
  5. Standardization of the product: Each client receives a top-quality, accurate, standardized survey or environmental report providing the same format for each site thus saving you valuable time during your review and approval process.
  6. Cost Savings: You will realize savings not only through the elimination of wasted time and effort spent with a company who is unfamiliar with your needs, but also through Landco's repetitive use of local surveyors. Because we have numerous national clients that request services in the same areas that you do, you gain the price advantage and service of being a repeat customer on the local level.