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Nationwide Real Estate Services

Landco specializes in offering comprehensive ALTA SURVEYS and a range of survey related real estate services nationwide tailored to meet both individual and national multi-site real estate requirements. Our multi-faceted approach ensures a seamless journey from the start of your order right up to the project completion. With our commitment to excellence, we customize our services to your unique requirements, regardless of your project's geographical location.

Why Landco?

Choosing Landco, gives you an edge in your real estate transactions. Our single-point contact system eradicates the common hiccups of miscommunications, delays, and repetitive tasks that arise when dealing with separate vendors for each property. Our seasoned professionals are adept at early detection of potential issues that could affect stakeholders, including investors, lenders, buyers, sellers, and title companies. Should any concerns arise, we promptly alert you, ensuring swift resolution that aligns with your needs.

The Landco Promise

At Landco, we recognize the significance of competitive pricing and timely deliveries in the real estate realm. To meet your goals, we meticulously assess every project, providing a clear, written quote to circumvent unexpected surges in costs. This quote also includes a reliable turnaround time, all based on the preliminary information provided by you.

ALTA/NSPS Land Surveys
Boundary Surveys
Elevation Certificates
Topographic Surveys

About Landco

Established in 1999, Landco has carved a reputable niche in the land surveying. With over two decades of experience under our belt, we've become an integral resource for both investors and landowners.

Our comprehensive land title surveys, ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of their boundaries, ownership rights, and any potential disputes or encumbrances related to their properties. This precise and detailed approach not only aids in risk mitigation but also helps landowners safeguard their valuable assets.

Over the years, we've championed the cause of providing accurate insights and reliable surveying solutions, empowering our clients to make informed decisions regarding their land holdings.