Nationwide Boundary Surveys

What is a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey determines the legal property lines and the true property corners of a parcel of land. It not only identifies the extents of a property but also any easements, encroachments, or other details affecting the property's title. A thorough boundary survey is essential for property sales, developments, disputes, and more.

Landco: Setting the Standard

As a trusted leader nationwide, Landco offers a comprehensive approach to boundary surveys. We bring together our rich history, cutting-edge equipment, and an ensemble of highly skilled professionals to deliver impeccable and accurate surveys.

Why Choose Landco for Boundary Surveys?

Nationwide Presence: No property is too remote or too urban for us. Our expansive network means that we are always nearby, ready to deliver high-quality services regardless of location.

Technological Edge: By integrating the latest surveying technology and tools, we ensure precision in every boundary determination.

Industry Veterans: Our team comprises licensed surveyors and seasoned experts familiar with the nuances of property lines and boundary disputes.

Value for Money: With Landco, expect top-tier services without a premium price tag. We offer competitive rates for our boundary surveys.

Applications of Our Boundary Surveys

  • Real Estate Transactions: Provide clarity and confidence during property sales or purchases.
  • Construction and Development: Ensure accurate property boundaries before breaking ground, avoiding potential disputes and added costs.
  • Zoning and Land Use: Ascertain the permissible uses of a piece of land based on its boundaries and local regulations.
  • Title Insurance: Facilitate the acquisition of title insurance by providing a comprehensive overview of the property's boundaries and related details.

Guard Your Investment with Landco

A property's boundaries are its defining features. With a survey from Landco, you not only establish a clear delineation of your property but also protect your investment from potential disputes and complications. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive a complete, detailed, and accurate survey every time.

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Our Promise

At Landco, we make a steadfast promise: To deliver ALTA surveys of unparalleled quality and accuracy, every time. We understand the importance of precision in your real estate endeavors, which is why we ensure meticulous attention to detail. Plus, with our commitment to a swift turnaround, you can progress your projects without delay. Trust in the Landco Promise for excellence and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a boundary survey can vary based on several factors. These include the size and shape of the property, its geographical location, the complexity of the task (like challenging terrains or inaccessible points), the level of detail required, any previous survey records available, and the professional rates of the surveyor. Before committing, it's advisable to get multiple quotes and understand the scope of the survey being offered.

Undertaking a boundary survey before purchasing property ensures you are fully aware of the land's precise dimensions, potential easements, encroachments, and any other restrictions. This knowledge can prevent future disputes with neighbors and legal complications, ensuring a clear title and helping with accurate property valuation.

A boundary survey is a specialized process that determines the property lines of a piece of land. It identifies and verifies the corners and boundary lines of a property, helping owners understand the extent of their ownership. This survey is crucial when buying, selling, or developing land to ensure that there are no disputes over property limits.

A boundary survey doesn't necessarily have an expiration date, but it's advisable to update or verify it under certain circumstances. For example, if there's been new construction nearby, a property sale, subdivision of a larger parcel, or if there's a boundary dispute. Ensuring the accuracy of your boundary lines can prevent future complications and potential legal issues.

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Precision and Absolute Clarity in Boundary Surveys, rely on Landco

At Landco, we specialize in delivering top-tier Boundary Surveys. We diligently identify and verify the precise lines and points of demarcation for every property, ensuring we offer a comprehensive and clear delineation of land ownership. With a team of devoted surveyors armed with the latest in surveying technology, we consistently set the gold standard in the industry.

Whether you're a private landholder, a progressive real estate attorney, or a detail-oriented title company, Landco is your trusted partner for prompt, exhaustive, and impeccably accurate boundary insights. Our mission is more than just marking property lines; we aim to provide our clients with an unequivocal understanding of land rights, potential overlaps, and any associated land detail. Our endeavor is to instill confidence in property transactions and dispel any ambiguities surrounding land ownership.

For unmatched expertise and definitive clarity in Boundary Surveys, Landco stands as your premier choice.