Nationwide Elevation Certificates

What is an Elevation Certificate?

An Elevation Certificate (EC) is a crucial document that provides essential data about the elevation of a building relative to the mean sea level or base flood elevation. This information is especially vital for properties located within Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) as defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). An EC aids in determining appropriate flood insurance premiums and ensuring compliance with local floodplain management regulations.

Landco: Your Trusted Partner

Landco stands as a nationwide leader in providing meticulous Elevation Certificates. We combine decades of experience, state-of-the-art tools, and a team of dedicated professionals to furnish you with accurate and dependable certificates.

Why Rely on Landco for Elevation Certificates?

Nationwide Reach: Our extensive network spans the entire country, ensuring that we can serve your needs no matter where your property is located.

Precision Instruments: We utilize the latest surveying equipment to guarantee accurate measurements, ensuring the reliability of every certificate.

Qualified Professionals: Landco boasts a team of licensed surveyors and experts who are adept at navigating the intricate processes of acquiring elevation data and generating certificates.

Comprehensive Support: Beyond just providing an Elevation Certificate, our team offers guidance on understanding the results, ensuring that you're well-informed about your property's flood risk.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Quality needn't be expensive. Landco ensures that you receive the best service at competitive prices.

Applications and Benefits of Our Elevation Certificates

  • Flood Insurance: Determine appropriate flood insurance premiums and potentially benefit from reduced rates.
  • Property Transactions: Equip buyers with essential information about a property's flood risk, enhancing transparency.
  • Construction and Development: Ensure new constructions or renovations are in compliance with local floodplain regulations.
  • Risk Management: Make informed decisions about property investments and potential modifications to reduce flood risk.

Make Informed Decisions with Landco

Knowledge is power, especially when it pertains to the safety and value of your property. An Elevation Certificate from Landco not only provides you with critical data but also the peace of mind that comes from working with industry leaders. From acquiring accurate elevation data to assisting you in understanding its implications, we're with you every step of the way.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our Elevation Certificate services and how Landco can support you in safeguarding your investments.


Our Promise

At Landco, we make a steadfast promise: To deliver elevation certificates of unparalleled quality and accuracy, every time. We understand the importance of precision in your real estate endeavors, which is why we ensure meticulous attention to detail. Plus, with our commitment to a swift turnaround, you can progress your projects without delay. Trust in the Landco Promise for excellence and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

An elevation certificate (EC) is a document generated by a licensed land surveyor or engineer that provides detailed information about a building’s elevation, mainly in relation to the estimated flood heights in flood-prone areas. It's typically used to determine flood insurance premiums and to support building permit applications.

If your property is located in a flood zone, an elevation certificate can:

  • Help determine your flood insurance premium.
  • Verify if your property meets local floodplain management regulations.
  • Support requests for Letter of Map Amendments (LOMAs) or Letter of Map Revisions (LOMRs).

A licensed land surveyor, architect, or engineer can complete an elevation certificate after surveying your property. It's essential to hire a professional familiar with the requirements and standards set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Elevation certificates do not expire. However, if there are significant changes to your property or if FEMA updates its flood maps, it might be beneficial to obtain a new elevation certificate.



Yes, if the previous owner obtained an elevation certificate and there have been no significant changes to the property, you can use the existing certificate. Always ensure the certificate's details are accurate and reflect the current state of the property.

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Precision and Unsurpassed Expertise in Elevation Certificates, rely on Landco

At Landco, we deliver exceptional Elevation Certificate Services. We diligently record and certify building elevations, ensuring that every data point is accurate, comprehensive, and in compliance with regulatory standards. Backed by a team of dedicated surveyors and state-of-the-art equipment, our services are synonymous with excellence in determining flood risks.

Whether you're a homeowner, a proactive real estate attorney, or a discerning title company, Landco is your go-to source for prompt, thorough, and impeccably accurate elevation certifications. Our purpose extends beyond just noting building heights; we aim to provide our clients with a clear understanding of flood risks, insurance necessities, and essential property details. Our objective is to instill confidence in property evaluations and decisions, helping clients navigate the complexities of flood zones and insurance premiums.

For unmatched expertise and definitive clarity in Elevation Certificate Services, Landco stands as your premier choice.